Why Learn Languages? Three good reasons to Include Language Learning with your Career Plan

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Currently, language learning is not very popular choice amongst teenagers in English-speaking countries. However, the need for people who can speak no less than one language in addition to their mother tongues has not been greater.

So if you are wondering getting in touch with learn another language, listed here are 3 excellent causes of choosing to do so:

Reason #1 The Balance of Economic Power is beginning to change

China has become the 2nd greatest economic turn on the planet and is predicted to overtake america within the next 20 to 30 years. This also means that very soon it will no longer be an English-speaking country which is the most powerful country on earth. So it no longer makes sense to assume that everyone speaks English. Although you may not choose Chinese because your second language, this fact should cause you to reflect on the importance of other languages, such as Spanish and German.

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Reason #2 Travel gets Easier and Cheaper

It is now much easier to go abroad of computer was thirty or forty years ago and with more cost effective airfares, foreign travel is available to a greater amount of people today. This means that a lot more people are able to go abroad to check out relatives, enjoy holidays in several countries or even to relocate for work or retirement.

Thus has created many job openings in other countries. Although you might supply products or services for expats or tourists within your new country, in the end you need a good grounding from my language in order to build and maintain your business.

Reason #3 Improvements in Technology

With increasing internet speed and wireless technology, it really is almost as easy to do business with people on the other side worldwide as it is to work with individuals or companies on the other hand of town. This means that many companies which in the past would not have considered the potential of international trade can do so.

In addition, the web has opened up the opportunity of offering digital goods and online services to anyone on the planet, allowing individuals to build international businesses and run them from your home.

So what does this mean for today's students and someone else who is looking for a job or possibly a better way of life?

Basically, you will improve your likelihood of employment if you add more than one foreign languages to your experience. With so many companies now operating while on an international scale, the scope for using languages is huge. And when you want to live and work abroad, to be able to speak the local language will open many more opportunities in your case.